Energy Clearing Items

Energy Clearing

Energy clearing – also called energy cleansing – is the removal of energies from an item as a result of being handled or lived with. If it resided somewhere and/or with people, each has left an energetic charge.

Jewelry, clothing, even an item in our homes such as a picture or furniture are all potentials for energy absorption. When we acquire something that has been pre-owned, it is always a good idea to clear it at least once so that the only energy it holds will be from its new household and owners.

NOTE:   Clothing should always be washed before giving it away. When we acquire second-hand clothing, always wash first.

Energy Tools

The item for clearing might also be a tool we use in our energy practices. If handled by someone who is not usually exposed to the tool, clearing should be considered. This holds true even when the other person is energetically positive.

Any item used in our energy practices will be better suited to us if it carries only the energy vibration of its regular user(s). And yes, “regular” may apply to more than one individual.

As we journey through and advance in energy practices involving physical items, we will gain intuitive insight as to the frequency our items need clearing.

A few sample tools used for focusing and quieting our mind to allow increased intuitive insights are listed below. You may have found others that open you to this goal. If so, the clearing guidance here will help you think about how to handle your specific items.

  • Crystals
  • Minerals
  • Pendulums
  • Cards
  • Other physical items used for intuitive focus

Crystals, Minerals & Pendulums

Many crystals, minerals and woods carry their own natural energy vibration and are especially in need for periodic clearing. Their natural energies will remain but those overlaid into them will be cleared. Some of the more common ways to clear them – including pendulums – are discussed below.

Water:   If using clear water, first make sure the item is not water soluble. If used, consider  distilled water for this purpose.

Salt Water:    Not recommended unless knowledgeable about the specific mineral. Over time, some crystals and minerals can be lightly scratched from the abrasive salt.

Sun:    If placed in full sun, crystals can magnify heat to a potentially dangerous level. Not recommended. Also, some minerals can fade over time if exposed to sun on a regular basis.

Moonlight:    The light of Full Moon can be the most effective and safest approach for all substances, including crystals, minerals, metal, wood, fabric, paper. For materials such as paper, fabric and water solubles, it is necessary to know if fog, snow, mist or rain are possible. If so, place in an indoor location where moonlight falls.

Amethyst or Selenite:     Both of these are effective for clearing ALL items listed above. Amethyst is the easier to find.


If the item to be cleared is too large to be placed on or inside an Amethyst or on the Selenite, have the item placed next to the Amethyst or Selenite. Allow 2 to 3 days extra for clearing.

Clear one item at a time except when using moonlight.

Children are drawn to the items mentioned here. Be mindful to keep out of reach of small hands and curious mouths.

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