Emotional Alchemy

Six Stepping Stones

It’s not surprising that our Six Stepping Stones to self-healing and awareness include emotions. Our six steps are:

  • Body
  • Breath
  • Mind
  • Emotion
  • Connection
  • Unity

The first four combine into self-connection which continues toward stages of increased awareness into unity.

Survival Emotions and Others

There are emotions intended to alert us for purposes of survival. They are attuned to our instinctively knowing what will endanger us. 

Then there are different kinds, many of which are learned from others or acquired through an experience. Whether or not the emotion any longer applies, we continue to hold onto it. 

Fear and Me

When young, my family spent summer weekends and summers at my grandparents’ house in the country. The road was dirt and you could go weeks without seeing a neighbor. But you could easily spot a snake once or twice a week. 

My mother was terrified of snakes although none were poisonous. Mind you, hers wasn’t distaste. It was outright terror with the screaming and running away from. In fact, it was hard to tell which was moving faster away from the other; my mother from snake or vice versa. 

For decades I was terrified of them, too. It took a long time before I realized the fear wasn’t mine. 

What We Learn Leaves Imprints

What I experienced was an emotional energy imprint from my mother. The younger we learn them, the deeper the imprint. I visualize it as a type of brand imbedded in us. Once released, it is an energy weight no longer carried.

Once I recognized what was going on with my fear, it was easier to let it go. It didn’t disappear overnight, but I consciously changed how I look at snake. They are now creatures of Nature instead of a creepy slithering thing. Big difference! 

Confession: they still aren’t my favorite creatures but no fear remains. 

We can’t change what we don’t recognize. If we pause and look into an everyday emotion, we may find it doesn’t carry the charge we assumed it did.

Emotions Built From Viewpoint

Our thinking and viewpoints are different from our emotions but they feed each other. If we believe someone dislikes us, we will see all their actions from that point of view. Our emotions lead our thought process. 

Looking From The Heart

One at a time, we can take a look at an emotion we carry. Are we seeing it clearly or are our emotions supporting a belief? Be honest about what we see.

Take a breath and move our focus from the head into our heart. Look at the emotion and situation through compassion and patience. 

Take it a step at a time. This is Emotional Alchemy

We would love to hear about your aha moments around emotions and Emotional Alchemy.


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