Conscious Awareness: What Is It?

Awareness of What?

A term still frequently used is: Being present.

I suggest conscious awareness is more than being present in the moment or in a specific circumstance, but being present is a big step toward conscious awareness.

Conscious awareness does include presence but also recognizes how it fits into the whole. For example, our whole as an individual––who we were and how that “were” has created the who we are at this time.

It is looking and experiencing through a broader lens.

Conscious awareness also involves more than ourselves, it expands outward into the whole of community, Nature and beyond.

Becoming Automatic

There is a surprising twist to this discussion. As our lens broadens, it changes us so that the “conscious” part becomes an automatic way of seeing the world and ourselves.

We no longer focus on being present or pause to seek the broader connections. It becomes a part of us. It becomes automatic.

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