Chatting With Self

Six Stepping Stones for Self-Healing & Well-Being™

Body – Breath – Mind – Emotion – Connection – Unity

Below is a comfortable method for releasing energies that we continue carrying from the past. It is both a visualization and physical participation in a soothing, healing discussion with ourselves. This healing approach extends to our current physical energy field and releases that within our deeper past.

This can be especially powerful if a situation occurred in childhood, the emotions from which have not yet been released.

Please discuss this exercise plus your intentions and goals from it with your therapist and/or other appropriate medical specialists BEFORE beginning.

  • Identify a time of your life or a specific situation about which you continue feeling less than positive emotions.
  • Position two physical chairs facing each other. They should be quite close together.
  • Physically sit in one of the chairs and visualize yourself in the opposite. That opposite “you” is the age and appearance from the identified time of life.
  • Either aloud or in your mind, your physical self speaks with the other self, discussing the situation. Your goal might be, for example, a clearer understanding of the situation or emotions. It can also extend love, forgiveness and other healing words that resonate with you.
  • When ready to complete the exercise, thank your other self.
  • This can be repeated until you feel comfortable that the heavy energy has been released.

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