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No On Meditation Challenge?

Early last month we chatted about the Meditation Challenge.

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But what if our responsibilities allow little time for anything except – well – those responsibilities? And trying to find time to do meditation causes more stress than you think it might be worth?

Supportive Alternative

It’s even more important to just stop and take a few slow deep breaths. If it’s safe and possible to close your eyes while doing so, even better.

On the slow exhale, let your body relax.

Even a few minutes of pausing will be refreshing and is a reminder of how relaxation feels. Thoughts clarify and calm.

Whenever I feel stretched outside my comfort zone or face what might seem like a mountain of a challenge, just a few minutes of slow deep breathing centers me and the dilemma seems to untangle. Brief Quieting. It’s so helpful.

For the short quieting reminder plus a brief grounding exercise, go to Audio Blog:  HERE

Be sure your device’s sound is turned “on.”

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