Breathing Technique For Reducing Anxiety & Stress

Breathing Technique For Reducing Anxiety & Stress

Hard To Breathe

We’ve all had times when we automatically change our breathing. In deep grief, we gasp for air between sobs but in fear we tend to hold it . . . until we can’t.

When anxious or stressed, shifting into a shallow, quick breath pattern can happen without our realizing it. This increases our emotional level and worsens our anxiety. It may be an automatic reaction but there are other more supportive options.  

All we have to do is become aware of them.


Holding or limiting our breathing not only reduces respiration but results in our losing connection with our inner self.

We’ll start exploring simple breathing technique for reducing anxiety & stress that can support and help stabilize us when most needed.

Reducing Anxiety & Stress

  • Inhale deeply and slowly through nose without straining
  • Open mouth and exhale
  • The exhale can be a slow soft release of air or a forceful huffing out
  • The higher the stress, the more beneficial the forceful exhale
  • If desired, repeat
  • Close mouth and do up to three deep slow breaths, inhaling/exhaling through nose
  • Return to normal breathing

The above can be done while sitting, standing or lying down.

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