Autumn Energy

Autumn Energy

As I’m writing this, we have just honored Labor Day, schools have opened and Halloween candy has appeared in the stores.

Although our calendars show a few more weeks before Autumn, its energy has been entering since August. Our active outwardly focused summer yang energy is giving way to the entry of quieter inwardly directed yin.

We may find ourselves becoming more introspective. 

The active meridian channel through which our subtle energy flows during Autumn is increasingly the Lung Channel. 

Autumn Energy

Our appetites will turn more toward root crops and slightly denser foods as appropriate to our individual bodies. These nourish the core of our physical, giving strength to generate the appropriate amount of inner core heat. If diet allows, soups and stews can be especially nourishing with their increased liquid base.

If you’ve not been doing so already, please begin slow deep breathing and grounding practices. These provide an increasing stability as we head into the cold full yin winter time. 

Both practices can give an extra boost toward well-being in all ways when we most need it.

Your Comments Are Welcomed

We look forward to hearing and learning from you about additional practices you follow during this time of energy transition. A Comments section is below for your convenience. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have, as well.


  1. Carol

    My autumn energy starts in August when I have a huge desire to knit with wool and visit yarn shops. Never understood this before your blog this morning

    • Alice Cory

      Isn’t it fascinating the ways an energy shift in Nature impact us. I usually lay in a supply of books for cooler weather although the pile waiting to be read is ample. Carol, I can almost hear the sound of your knitting needles. Enjoy.


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