Action In The Inaction

Action in the Inaction


The reference to Action In The Inaction might make little sense until we experience true stillness. Yes, we can be quiet on the outside––sitting or standing without additional movement––but our mind and emotions might be other than calm.

Sorry, that external physical inaction isn’t what we’re talking about here.

The inactive stillness is also inside us. Pure calmness. Pure quiet.

In fact, it becomes comfortable to have inner stillness even while we are physically active.

What’s The Action?

Internal stillness is the seed for connecting with our wiser inner self. Without the intrusive energy from emotions or overactive thoughts, we are more fully connected with ourselves.

Inspiration, creativity, expanded conscious awareness and enhanced intuition are some of the actions within that silence.

Ancient Words

To paraphrase a Chinese expression used frequently in cultivation practices:

Do nothing and nothing is left undone.

Share Your Practices

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