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Alice Cory

Alice is an Energy Intuitive, Teacher, Consultant/Mentor, and Practitioner in both Western and Eastern self-cultivation, personal transformation, and healing practices. She is certified in the Ancient Qi-Emission modality from Wudang’s sacred mountains in Hubei Province China, as well as Reiki Mastership. She translates their principles and philosophies into practical explanations and approaches for self-healing and thriving in our modern life.

As the Founder of Subtle Energy Alchemy™ and Six Stepping Stones for Self-Healing & Well-Being™, Alice has been teaching energy and conscious awareness for more than ten years plus energy transmission practices for eighteen years. Classes, workshops, newsletters, blogs, online discussions and channelings provide pathways for learning energy’s impact on physical, mental, emotional, intuitive, spiritual, relationship, meditative and sensory aspects in our lives.

Alice lives in the uplifting and healing vibration of the Eastern Shore of Maryland. She is currently writing a book about end-of-physical-life transition into light vibration.


Alice has taught introductory and advanced classes and workshops in subtle energy’s alchemical practices since 2013. Each is customized based on the group of participants but includes such topics as:

Interconnections within energy vibrations––human and others

Positive and less-than-positive influences on those connections

Approaches for releasing draining impacts while strengthening the supportive

Steps toward inner quieting, stress-release, heightened focus, and meditative secrets

Re-connection with the individual’s authentic energy

Feeling and working with vibrations to support self-healing

Thoughts On Energy

“Concerning matter, we have been all wrong. What we have called matter is energy, whose vibration has been so lowered as to be perceptible to the senses”

-Albert Einstein


Subtle Energy

We are energy in human form.

Subtle energy is our vital life force––the essence of who and what we are––our authentic energetic self. Its ongoing vibrance and free-flowing movement determines our underlying well-being. Physical health, mental process, self-identity, freedom from emotional controls, and spiritual connections are all impacted by it, but each of these also impacts our continued conscious connection with our true energy self. It is a two-way flow.

Everyday life presents many kinds of energies. Some of these are supportive and nourishing while others are out of sync with our own. They are absorbed from outside influences or unknowingly impacted by our own thoughts, feelings, emotions, physical health, life-style choices, level of stress, and self-image.

Blocks or drains on our original vibration result from any energy out of tune with it. When negative impacts on our vibration continue, life can become anxiety-prone.

Are there other words for subtle energy?

Yes, quite a few. Some have expanded meanings due to their applications or philosophies in which they sit, but the underlying concept of a connective vibrational force applies for all.

  • bio-electromagnetic energy
  • core energy
  • energy pattern or system
  • qi (chi)
  • prana
  • ki
  • authentic or true self
  • inner or higher self
  • true nature
  • God within, child within, or truth within
  • spirit or spirit energy
  • biofield, vibratory or energy field (usually referring to aura)
What are the outside influences?

There are many influences on us beyond ourselves. Each has its own vibrational quality.

  • Inherited or absorbed energy imprints from other humans
  • Foods and beverages we consume
  • Nature’s many energetic supports from trees, plants, animals, earth, and weather
  • Cosmic forces
  • Manmade environment such as electric lines and microwave towers

Awareness of this matrix of influences opens the path to ensuring our own tendencies and habits are positive while recognizing the impact from other sources.

How can subtle energy alchemy help me?

By understanding and applying this foundational knowledge, our daily experiences can be lived with greater awareness of who and what we are. Calm confidence unfolds while blunting confusion and uncertainty.

Let’s face it––our being vibrational energy is not a typical topic in childhood training. And yet, it’s what and who we are that impacts everything in our life. Learning and personally experiencing its principles provide a broader awareness of both ourselves plus the world in which we live.


Energy Sharing

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